Biminitop mounting.

Mounting your Biminitop on your boat.

 Bimini Top Installation 

Here are the basic steps to install your new bimini top. Please Note: This is only an overview of a normal bimini top installation and is provided for you so that you may get an accurate idea of what is actually involved when installing a bimini top for the first time. Your new bimini will come with a complete set of written instructions on specific items that may or may not apply to your particular installation. Please use the instructions provided with your top as the actual installation guide, referring this page only as a reference.

 Step #1: Assembling the Bows  schematic for bimini bow assembly bimini top bow assembly
 Step #2: Sliding the Bows into the Top  Slide the fabric top onto the assembled bows

Locate the label on the underside of the fabric. This is the back of the top. Slide the large bow through the sleeve on the back of the top being sure that the 2 pre-drilled holes near the curve of the upright portion of the bow are facing toward the front of the top. Slide the medium bow through the sleeve in the forward section of the bimini top being sure that the 2 pre-drilled holes near the curve of the upright portion of the bow are facing toward the back of the top. Insert the last bow (there will be 2 for the 4 bow tops) in the sleeve(s) provided.

 Step #3: Attach Straps  Attaching straps to the bimini bows

Attach 2 straps to the Large bow (back) and 2 straps to the Medium bow (front) by passing the end of the bows through the loops in the straps and securing each strap with 1 screw and 1 decorative washer per strap. These screws go into the pre-drilled holes on the upright portions of the bows.

 Step #4: Connect Bows  Connect the bimini bows together by inserting all ends of bows into Jaw slide pivot points on the main bow. Secure with screws
 Step #5: Ready to Attach to Your Boat  Complete top is now ready for installation
 Step #6: Find Desired Location on the Boat 

Pick up the assembled bimini top and hold in place at desired mounting location on your boat. Extend the top to its fully open position and place a pencil mark on your boat at the location where the largest bow will be anchored to the boat. Place a corresponding pencil mark on the other side of the boat. These are where your mounting brackets will be placed. Be sure that the 2 mounting points are the same distance from either the bow or the stern.

 Step #7: Mark Holes for Bimini Brackets  Marking for bimini brackets

Place a mounting bracket at the appropriate location and outline it with a pencil. Also mark the boat through the screw holes in the bracket.

 Step #8: Drill Holes for Bimini Bracket  Pre-drilling for installing of bimini bows

Using a drill with a bit smaller than the actual screws provided,
drill the 2 holes needed to secure the bracket to your boat.

 Step #9: Secure Bracket with Screws  Screwing down bimini brackets

Place the bracket in place and secure firmly to your boat.
Repeat the process for the other side of the boat.

 Step #10: Attach Bimini Top to the Bracket  Attaching bimini frame to boat brackets

Attach the main bow to the brackets on your boat.

 Step #11: Attach the Strap Eyelets  Installing eyes for bimini support straps

Position the forward attaching eyes to the boat and drill the holes needed to secure them to the boat. The forward strap eyes should mounted at a position that places the straps at a minimum 45 degree angle as they will take most of strain when you are "under way". Set the back eyes for the rear straps. Adjust the straps so your top is riding near a horizontal position and you are done!


An average Bimini top can be easily installed in a hour. Should you need any help before installing or during the process, call or mail us. We'll be glad to help!

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